Modern Palas | Bomonti
Modern Palas project
takes place in the heart of both Istanbul and Bomonti:

10 minutes to Nişantaşı
7 minutes to the metro
5 minutes to TEM and E5
1 minute to the tunnel
20 minutes to the airport
5 minutes to Dolmabahçe

The favourite district of the past and the close future in Istanbul: Bomonti

Bomonti - remaining between Şişli, Nişantaşı, Feriköy - takes its name from Adolf and Walter Bomonti brothers who moved to the district at the end 1880's and established a beer factory here. It is a nice coincidence that in French Beau Monteé, that is beautiful romp phrase, is pronounced as Bomonti.

In Istanbul's past, Bomonti gathered different cultures and contained within itself all the features of metropolitan Istanbul; nowadays, it experiences a quick return to the bright old days by courtesy of urban renewal projects. Bomonti moves towards becoming the favourite of the city in the close future with its Organic Bazaar which appeals Istanbul citizens in the weekends, Bomonti Campus of Mimar Sinan University, historical beer factory which is being renewed, a five-star hotel and a congress center which is going to rise in the district in very close future, simultaneously advancing housing and office projects.