Modern Palas | Investment
Right time, right investment...

Bomonti is experiencing urban transformation fast and increasing in value rapidly. Among the limited number of projects in Bomonti district, Bomonti Modern Palace rises with its boutique character, functional departments, high-quality standard, low flat fees and most importantly Extensa's over-100-year construction experience; and it presents you a great opportunity in order that you make a right investment at the right time.

It has great importance to be the host of a prestigious boutique project in this district which is going to increase in value very much in the upcoming period. Bomonti's future is very bright with its university campuses, 5-star hotels, work, congress and shopping centers, cafés and restaurants at the heart of Istanbul.

Add to the pleasure of sharing a decent atmosphere with the right neighbours in the house you love the peace of having made a right decision. Say "Hello" to the modern palace life in Bomonti.